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Episode #2.1

Viv, Dinah and Joy attend the funeral of Herbie, son of gang boss Nora Attah but there is no corpse in the coffin, only an explosion which rocks the building. Pathologist Miller is called in and finds twenty bodies, including Herbie's, buried under the crematorium - apparently because the owners, the Kornicks, could not afford to maintain it. Resenting the arrival of by the book superintendent Christine Lisberg Viv finds a link to rival gangsters the Kennedy family, whom Nora believes lured her and ex-husband Manni to the scene of the explosion. Following an award ceremony to celebrate Viv as outstanding policewoman of the year she has to give her version of why she has closed the investigation of her husband's death to Joy, Dinah and Spike, whilst the retaliation against the Kennedys she had feared begins.